Wireless Bluetooth speaker SODO L4-LIFE Light Wood (Brown) Stylish wood coating

Wireless Bluetooth speaker SODO L4-LIFE Light Wood (Brown) Stylish wood coating


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Wireless Bluetooth speaker SODO L4-LIFE Light Wood (Brown). Stylish wood coating.

Now, with Noble wooden cover case, this column is not just high quality sound device A stylish design element. These speakers are capable of all-easy connection to any device, easy to use, as well as built-in radio! Now in your access to all your favorite radio station 24/7. Just switch to the desired mode!
Easy connection to any devices. Connect to another device-no more problem. All thought, with the column you get to a simple “connection” with any devices click on the right icon. Activate Bluetooth enjoy atmospheric music artists!


Manufacturer SODO

Format speakers Stereo

The total sound power 16.0 (W)

Power type Battery, USB Port

Sensitivity 85.0 DB)

Interfaces 3.5mm jack, micro USB, Aux, USB

The minimum frequency (30Hz)

Maximum frequency 16000Hz)

Supported wireless interfaces Bluetooth

Supported memory cards microSD, USB

Features Bluetooth, FM Radio USB Player, TF Card Player, USB Charging cable Aux cable

Material: ABS Plastic


Design speakers just amazing!!!!! This device will emphasize Your originality and enjoy the crisp sound of your favorite tracks. Bright light will not leave You indifferent! It pulsates the beat of music and mood bright iridescent colors. Backlight supports up to 16 modes and is easily adjustable with buttons.

Battery capacity 3000 mAh allows you to listen to music for 12 hours.

Music transfer occurs with any mobile device with Bluetooth connection. Has a built-in FM radio. The user can listen to your favorite wave. Configure their own don’t need anything.

Multi-directional speakers provide uniform distribution of music in the room. The noise and echo cancellation sound is very rich, clean and clear. Column can be synchronized with other music devices. So the sound will be even better and more powerful!

Package Contents

comes in a thick cardboard box.

Inside is manual.

charging cable audio cable for connecting external devices.

At the bottom is Bluetooth speaker.

There is a slot for USB and SD memory card.

The device will appeal to all lovers of music. AND who didn’t like?







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